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Creative Director, November 2012 - Present
Carrot+Stick Brandbuilders, Decatur

  • Leading the creative department, mostly external hires vendors and manufacturers
  • Designed numerous new brand identities
  • Developed marketing campaigns and strategies for multiple (Fortune 500) clients
  • Develop branding and creative for new building projects throughout Georgia and North- and South Carolina
  • Brought Powerade to the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang and the FIFA World Championship Soccer in Russia 2018
  • Made Coca-Cola sell 500% more lemonade through Dominos in 2017. (Yep, with Pizza.)

Creative Director, Novemeber 2009 - present

  • Leading the creative department,  mostly external hires, vendors and manufacturers
  • Designed numerous new brand identities
  • Developed campaigns for multiple Fortune 500 clients
  • Helped numerous start ups get a solid corporate identity
  • Was the external go-to designer for a big mortgage company in Atlanta
  • Designed logo for the City of Suwanee, GA

Creative Director, July 2005 - December 2008
Bartout+Laurentius, Deventer - The Netherlands

  • Lead the creative department
  • Designed numerous new brand identities
  • Developed campaigns, books, magazines, CDs
  • Created global visuals for the world tour of MUSE
  • Mutliple CD covers for EMI
  • Multiple books for multiple clients
  • Multiple deliverables for Broadcasting Companies


Will travel, have current passport (dislike commuting in Atlanta with a passion)

Can't wait to build that big tree-castle with my 5 year old daughter

I trust to follow my heart, it got me here

Will be on the cover of magazines in 2020

Have to illustrate those kid's books

Have opinions, will share

Un-achieved goal yet, that big black Triumph Bobber

I love flying