It all started around four. My mother did not take the pencil from my hands, encouraged me to keep drawing and designing, deprived me from naps and cracked the whip. Relentlessly. And it paid off. For over 30 years I am the proud owner of my little big studio. I tell stories through illustrations, graphic design and photography. And -obviously- I love doing it.

Around ten years ago I moved to the States  -oh, the things we do for love- and ever since have been working with numerous clients here, from start-ups to Fortune 300 names. Providing them with illustrations, photography, graphic design and -oddly enough for this Dutch guy- copy. Foreign eyes see things in a different perspective and foreign ears hear things in a different tone. I hear that my return is always unexpected but on target. 

On the list of companies I have had the pleasure of working with are many. Among them Powerade, Assurant, Muse, Blof, Coca-Cola, Domino's, Elekta, Nickelodeon, Coors and The City of Suwanee. But most important is working with people who are willing to jump in, no matter the size of the name on the building. Those who are not ready at 5 o'clock, those who take risks. Those who roll up their sleeves and go and keep going. What truly matters is the angles of the corners of the client's mouth at the end of the project, UP.  Whether it was 'just' a logo, a branding campaign, a full corporate identity build, a new product pushed or a picture of the new guy at the front desk.

I was taught to work hard and I do. Because that's how you get stuff done. 'Not good enough' does not exist, try again is key. Until it is right, keep pushing yourself. And don't say it's good too soon. It's how I see the world, almost how a second way of breathing. Shapes, lines and colors. That's what the world is made of. My world anyway...

See my work online or come see me in my studio, give me a call. Because apart from telling my own stories, I can tell -and sell- yours.

Freckles captured by  HP van Velthoven

Freckles captured by HP van Velthoven

Bragging rights… ^-^

Bragging rights… ^-^


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After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, Hein van der Heijden immediately went into business for himself as president and creative director of Deshein LLC where he also served as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. Now, with over 30 years of design and client management experience under his belt, Hein’s eclectic roster of clients includes the Dutch Government, platinum recording artist Muse, EMI Records, Powerade, Assurant, Coca-Cola, Domino's, Elekta, Nickelodeon, Coors, Corona, multiple agencies and The City of Suwanee, as well as numerous publications and broadcasting entities. From illustrating and publishing books to creating corporate identities, Hein’s creative talent and keen imagination brings an extra measure of style and vitality to your company’s message.

Deshein LLC is a full-service graphic design studio specialized in brand development, marketing communications and corporate identity systems. The studio is located in Atlanta, GA and it's award-winning international design experience shows. Drawing now from both a distinctly American and European discipline in innovative design – form should follow function – the result is a passion for clean, comprehensive design that visually communicates the definitive perspective and identity of each Dehein client.

Deshein LLC offers a broad range of solutions — from illustrating and publishing books, to corporate branding for fortune 300 companies — every project is strategically and creatively executed, bringing that extra measure of style and vitality to their projects.


Ever since I was a little boy I heard about a miraculous place called Myrtle Beach. I anticipated it to be everything as gorgeous as portrayed in the series Boardwalk Empire. Decades -after I moved to the States- I finally got to see it with a few friends. And one could hear my childhood vision shatter like it was china falling on a tiled floor. I have never seen such a sad broken hole in a state with so many hideous neon colored shirts collected on a beach. It was not a deception, it was murder of a childhood dream. I did not even take one single picture that day, which is really rare. At least, that’s what I thought. Later I was editing a bunch of SD cards and saw one picture of a plastic star on a cinema’s announcement board. This star -although having the regular 5 arms- I wanted to use somehow, but thought it was a little too presumptuous to make myself a star. so I eliminated one arm. (I might become a star one day but I am not where I need to be yet.)

It’s that constant reminder that there is beauty, always and everywhere. <3

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